Q&A: Making Dreams Come True

Q&A:  Making Dreams Come True


Home Magazine recently sat down with the pros at  DreamMaker, to talk remodeling and how to find a contractor you can count on.

What are all the services that your company provides?

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a full-service design/build specialist providing a vast array of options that will fit most budgets from cosmetic upgrades to full-scale design/build.  As a General Contractor, we can also address many other areas outside of the kitchen and bath realm.  Doing room additions or a whole house remodel is definitely within our expertise.  Everett Gray has been licensed since 1983 in California. He has a wealth of knowledge and a portfolio that encompasses all aspects of residential construction.

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Q&A: A+ Customer Service at Carpet Outlet Plus


Q&A:  A+ Customer Service at Carpet Outlet Plus


Home Magazine recently spoke with Carpet Outlet Plus to learn about their award winning service, and get tips on starting your flooring project.

What makes Carpet Outlet Plus different from other resources for flooring?

We are a locally-owned store that is run day-to-day by the owners, Mark and Jennifer. We feel that personal involvement is very important to the customer. Many purchases made today are from a national chain or big box store with little or no interaction between the consumer and the store. With local ownership that cares about the community, Carpet Outlet Plus strives for every transaction to be something we can be proud of. With over 60,000 sales and 12 Reader’s Poll Bakersfield’s Best Flooring Store awards, we want Bakersfield to know that we have been there for your family and friends. We have 22 years in the same location, and we’ll continue to be here for you in the future.

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Q&A: Experts in AC/Heating, Fireplaces, and Grills

Q&A:  Experts in AC/Heating, Fireplaces, and Grills


Experience counts, and Econo Air’s owner, Gary Flanagan, talked with Bakersfield Home Magazine about important issues for homeowners

What advice would you give a home owner for maintaining their AC system?

1. Be sure to change the inside filter at least once a month in the summer and every two months in the winter. A dirty air filter restricts air flow back to the system and can cost you more to operate and cause expensive repairs. Summer and winter service is recommended by all manufacturers. If you have an AC system that is still under warranty, and you don’t take care of normal maintenance, your warranty is in jeopardy, just like an automobile.

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Now’s the Time to Think Solar

Now’s the Time to Think Solar


Bakersfield Home Magazine sat down with Jeff Periera, President, and Scott Ryan, Vice President, of SunPower by Sun Solar to find out what solar can do for you.

California has always been blessed with an abundance of sunshine. So it’s only natural that Californians, Bakersfield residents, in particular, would be interested in solar power.

The perfect place to start your quest for more information on solar power in Bakersfield is SunPower by Sun Solar, a locally owned solar systems provider. Sun Solar was recently ranked 12th out of the Top 100 Residential Solar Contractors in the nation by Solar Power World Magazine. This is the most definitive ranking of solar installers across the country and includes companies both large and small; privately owned, as well as publicly traded.

We sat down with Jeff Periera, President, and Scott Ryan, Vice President, of SunPower by Sun Solar to find out more about their company and how it can help Bakersfield homeowners and businesses save on energy bills.

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How to Create a One-of-a-Kind Home

How to Create a One-of-a-Kind Home


Bakersfield Home Magazine talked with Brian Sorci, owner of Sorci Construction, to learn about custom remodeling from a 25 Year Perspective.

What services do you provide?

We’re custom remodelers who use master craftsmanship skills to create unique, one-of-a-kind projects. We look at projects as a ‘transformation of transitional spaces.’ It’s not just about remodeling one room; it’s how the remodel works within the context of the whole house. Houses used to be built with all of the rooms separated by walls. But today, people enjoy living areas that connect for flow. Even newer houses have areas that people want to update or refresh.

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