Advertising Staff

Julie Morrow
Sales Rep
phone: 661 331-1866
email: [email protected]
Rusty Hatfield
Art Director
Bakersfield Line: 661-423-0040
Fresno Line: 559-440-6115
email: [email protected]

Locally Owned & Operated.

The founders of The Bakersfield and Fresno/Clovis Home Magazine came together in 2011 because they saw a need in Bakersfield for a direct mail publication that was focused on the Home Improvement Industry.  They knew that similar products in other markets had a great deal of success, and being business owners in the Bakersfield community, knew what types of advertising had worked for them with their existing businesses.

Kevin Harrer knows marketing.  He worked a salesperson in the marketing world, before going off on his own and starting a marketing and web design firm, Ugly Duck Marketing.  Kevin and the team he employs are experts at reaching target demographics, with their catching advertisements, as well as finding the customer through mailing lists, and digital tools.

Jarrett Jamieson is a local business owner of several companies, but it was his home improvement companies, that drove him into the marketing world.  Perfect Home Products has grown tremendously in the years since he helped develop the idea for the Bakersfield Home Magazine, which eventually grew into an additional publication of The Fresno /Clovis Home Magazine.

Julie has been with the Bakersfield Home Magazine for since year one and in sales for the last 14 years. She is passionate about increasing business for her clients. Julie will help work with budgets and the best way to communicate an advertising message that results in the best return on investment for your business.