Finishing Touches Make the Difference

Window coverings upgrade and update a home, adding pleasure and practicality. Blinds and More, Inc. is a locally-owned source for a wide variety of custom window coverings.

Their personal service combined with competitive pricing gives them an almost 21-year history of beautifying homes in Bakersfield. Dennis Knittel, owner of Blinds and More, talked with Bakersfield Home Magazine about his experience with window coverings.

What are important considerations when choosing types of window coverings?

Number one, we ask people what’s important to them. Let the light in, or darken a room? Make a statement or blend in with decor? Is saving energy or reducing noise an issue? We also talk about budget and anticipated length of time in the home so that we can help customers get the best value. We want people to understand the different options available.

What mistakes should people avoid when purchasing window coverings?

Going for a low price and sacrificing quality is often disappointing. We also see that sometimes people only think about how the window covering will look from the inside. The exterior view is also important if the windows are on the front of the house. Finally, many people think that a custom service is outside of what they can afford. However, a professional can help get the exact look that a customer wants and will want to live with for many years. It’s important to talk through such an important decision.

How do you work with customers?

My wife Kathy and I have owned and operated Blinds and More, Inc. for close to 21 years in Kern County. These years of experience give us the expertise that benefits our customers in choosing of window coverings – no matter the need.  We have professionally-trained consultants who work one-on-one with customers in their home or office. We know that people typically make their decisions based on the following areas:

1 – Quality of the product;

2 – Economical pricing; and

3 – Experience, especially of the installers.

What products do you provide?

As our name states, we offer more than blinds.  We offer Plantation Shutters, Roman Shades, Honeycomb Shades, Solar Roller Screen Shades, and Verticals.  Every manufacturer has different strengths in each category, and are unique in their own way.  We understand the benefits of each for different types of windows and budgets. One of the newer and more innovative features is motorization, which is now offered in almost every category of window coverings.

What recommendations do you offer to those looking for your services that make a big impact in a home or office?

If you want to make a big impact in the appearance of your property, both inside and out, we recommend Plantation Shutters.  These shutters are a unique window treatment because they create a look that enhances the overall design of your property.  You can use shutters to beautify your property from every vantage point.  Customers say their rooms explode with light and openness during the day, while also allow for privacy in the evening and at night.  Blinds and More, Inc. can help you select the best shutters in the industry for your unique space.

What experience in your industry sets you apart from your competitors?

What sets Blinds and More, Inc. apart from other companies and Large Box stores is the ‘volume discount’ that we receive from our manufacturers.  We also don’t have the overhead that many other companies have.  Our in-home/office approach helps our customers understand not only how the product will look but how it will be installed in their home or office.  We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable in our industry on all of the various products, as well as understanding why certain products will or will not work. What’s most important is taking care of the needs of our customers, and helping them select the best way to cover their windows.

What would you like our readers to know about selecting window coverings?

Selecting window coverings for your home might sound easy, but it can often be a complicated process.  Not all products will work in every space.  But don’t fret! Blinds and More is here to help you with those decisions, and ease you through the process.  Call us to set up a free in-home/office appointment for a time that fits your busy schedule.  A professionally trained consultant will bring samples of our products to you. Color swatches and other necessary materials help you make your decision and put your mind at ease.

We also provide great warranty and service repair work to our customers at no charge.  We are an established company and a licensed California Contractor.  Simply put, you can count on us for quality products and superior service.  Blinds and More makes it possible to pay less for window coverings and still get the best. One of our customers said so nicely what we work hard to do:


We are so pleased with our shutters.  They certainly upgrade our house and make our home more comfortable and inviting. You are lucky to have an employee like Felipe to install the shutters.  He worked constantly for 6 hours without taking a break.  Besides his excellent work ethic, he is a great craftsman.  I am sure that you compensate him well for his loyalty and talent. We are happy to do business with you and will not hesitate to refer to others.


Jack and Jeanette C.