Everything You Need to Know About Gas Inserts

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We spoke to Gary Flanagan at Econo Air about the benefits of gas inserts, and the rebates and vouchers offered by the Valley Air District.

Please tell us about the benefits of switching from a wood burning fireplace to a gas insert.

Bakersfield has many no burn days due to our poor air quality. That means many homeowners with wood burning fireplaces rarely get to enjoy them. With a gas insert, you can ‘turn on’ a fire any time you feel a chill or want to enjoy the ambiance. Another benefit is that a gas insert heats the living area, providing zone heating. You save money on utility costs when heating your primary living area instead of the entire house.

Most homes have central heating that comes in at the top of the room, and heat goes up, right? With a high efficiency gas insert there is no need to keep a blanket on your legs while reading a book, or watching tv.  You control the fire and heat with your remote thermostat, so that you are always comfortable.

Finally, many people get tired of the cost of buying wood and the hassle of hauling ashes and taking care of a wood burning fireplace.

What about people who like the smell of wood burning in their home?

I hate to tell you this, but any time you can smell what you are burning, it means that you are breathing in particulates which are harmful to your lungs. Gas inserts are a healthier option for anyone – especially those with allergies or breathing problems. No smell means a healthier environment.

What is some feedback that you have received from customers?

Our customers often say that they love their gas insert, and it is their favorite purchase that they have made for their home. With a gas insert, they can enjoy a beautiful fire anytime, lower their heating costs by zone heating in the main living area and staying more comfortable all winter long.

My own testimonial is that we have a two story house and we only use our central heating about 8-10 hours a year. My wife absolutely loves our gas insert. On the coldest mornings, she may run the central heating just to take the chill off, and then she goes downstairs and turns on the fireplace to heat our main living area.

Based on all of our satisfied customers I truly believe it’s one of the best investments you can make in your home. And, right now the Valley Air District will help you pay for it with a cash voucher worth $1,500 to $3,000. This is a great incentive while funds last.

Why is the air district giving out vouchers for gas inserts?

We have terrible air quality in Bakersfield, and wood burning fireplaces contribute to our air problems. Burning wood in your home also contributes to your family’s allergy or breathing problems. Therefore, the Valley Air District wants to make gas inserts affordable. It’s better for our air quality and health.

Are vouchers only available on the gas inserts?

No, there are also vouchers available for EPA-approved wood and pellet stoves when you upgrade to a cleaner burning device.

How do the cash vouchers work?

Everyone that has a wood burning fireplace or stove in the San Joaquin Valley qualifies for a $1,500 voucher toward a gas insert. (Low income families qualify for $3,000.) Converting to clean burning wood or pellet fuel qualifies for a $1,000-$2,500 voucher.

To apply: Go online to
www.valleyair.org/grants or request an application from us in the store and we can help you with the process.

Why should people buy their gas insert from Econo Air?

Our burning displays help you make the decision about which gas insert is best for you. And, we have over 30 models to choose from with a variety of faces.  We service everything that we sell, we are licensed with workers compensation and general liability, we pull permits on all our jobs, and we ALWAYS stand behind all of our work. This is what you can expect from a company with a full-service department that has been around for 39 years. Come see us!

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